Blue Cog – Regulation A-Z Wall Display


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A Self-Regulation wall display to help support children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties.

Blue Cog – Regulation A-Z Wall Display

A Self -Regulation wall display to help support children with Social Emotional and Behavioural difficulties.

In this example, a self-regulation wall display was created in a nurture base to support children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The concept behind this wall comes from the idea of ‘regulation dosing’ which is a way of managing ‘flip your lid’ big emotions. The different strategies were selected from120 more regulation symbols document online in Digital Resources. Children visited the nurture base on a weekly basis to try different self-regulation strategies at a time when they were calm and responsive.

Children got to choose different activities each time they visited the wall and marked with a star the strategy that they had tried. Individuals were able to try strategies in a calm and relaxed environment and the ones they liked were added to their emotional toolkit. The strategies were recorded on the blue cog single component worksheet which was laminated and given to the child for them to have in case of emergencies. A copy was also given to the class teacher and Senior Management Team so that children and staff were able to refer to it in times where the children felt out of control.

Regularly revisiting the strategies helps children understand that there are options in these highly emotional times that will help them to feel safe, secure and calmer.