Emotion Works at School Camp


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This featured resource has been specially developed to help pupils identify and reflect on emotions experienced at school camp.

Emotion Works at School Camp

We created this ‘School Camp Diary’ to help teachers take advantage of all the wonderful emotional learning opportunities that arise on outings and stay away trips such as school camp.

Ideally you will have introduced the Emotion Cogs before you go so that the 5-part model worksheet in the diary can be used to reflect on and unpack emotional events occurring on camp. Levels of Intensity and various Influences can also be considered if pupils are able to incorporate.

Often there is a classroom opportunity during the evening where the diary can be completed, perhaps alongside photos taken during the day.

The photo below shows some reflection work carried out back at school using notes from the School Camp Diary. This 7-part noteboard worksheet captures one pupil’s experience of taking part in the ‘Pizza Box’ team challenge.