One Cog At A Time: Book Ideas List


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A list of suggested books and easily available resources to teach the individual cog concepts.

One Cog At A Time: Book Ideas List

Due to a high number of requests, we have compiled a short list of books, and other resources, to help practitioners teach the seven individual concepts (or cogs) in the Emotion Works curriculum. The books in each section focus exclusively on that ONE concept, with little or no overlap. (These are not suggested resources for looking at more than one concept, links between concepts or the 4-7 part models.)

Emotion Works Book Ideas List

This list is not exclusive or exhaustive and we are confident there will be other books and resources that are equally useful. We do not publicly or professionally endorse these books or resources in any way and we are not being paid to promote them. These are just resources that we, and our fellow practitioners, have enjoyed using and found particularly relevant.