Symbol Prompt Board for Health Week / Sports Day Vocabulary


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A ‘Topic Board’ or ‘Chat Board’ for developing and prompting vocabulary for health week activities in Early Years.

Symbol Prompt Board for Health Week / Sports Day Vocabulary

Resources like this are often called ‘Topic Boards’ or ‘Chat Boards’ and are a great way to gather vocabulary around a particular topic of conversation / learning theme. This one has been created around the topic of ‘Health Week’.

Topic / Chat Boards support emotional vocabulary and understanding for younger learners, or those at an earlier stage of developing vocabulary. The visual prompts are usually pre-selected. These remind the adults to use and refer to the focus words, and encourage learners to try out and consolidate new vocabulary. Children may want to swap or add other vocabulary and symbols.

Our ready-made press out symbol resources, or downloadable versions, make creating resources like these much easier. See links to the downloads, or to purchase ready made symbol banks. I can be helpful to use in conjunction with our Vocabulary Planning tool to plan key words and symbols.