The Connect Resource for Relationship Building


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The Connect Resource for Relationship Building

The ‘Getting to Know You’ profiling booklet provides the main focus for information gathering about the ‘Likes & Dislikes’ and ‘People & Relationships’ topics . As you gather the information you require to complete the booklet, you will naturally be engaging in conversations and other activities that will support relationship building with the children you are working with.

The topics you are likely to talk about and explore together are very well supported by the worksheets and support materials provided with this toolkit (see download below).

It can work well to share the profile with the child as it is and use it as a joint focus. If you do this, it’s also a nice idea to create your own profile at the same time. Another idea is to work towards helping the child create and decorate a personalised jotter containing all relevant information, and then transfer the most useful information into the profiling booklet. Again, creating a similar jotter about yourself to share with the child can be very beneficial to the bonding experience if you have the time to do this. Alternatively, you may prefer to gather, record and share the information required using an existing method of profiling or to develop something more suited to how you are working with your child or group.

Supporting Tools & Files

Likes & Dislikes Worksheets

Symbol Sheets for the Likes & Dislikes Topics

People & Relationships worksheets