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Practice example shared by Sandra Craig, PT, Riverside ASD Provision, Stirling


Practice example shared by Sandra Craig, PT, Riverside ASD Provision, Stirling

This is a good example of a practitioner working within our Additional Support Framework.

As you watch the video below, do you see evidence of…

  • A positive relationship?
  • Supported communication?
  • A meaningful and motivating context for learning?
  • A learning environment that ensures the learner is calm, alert and ready to learn?
  • Due consideration to the child’s level of understanding, and their particular barriers / vehicles to learning?


If you work with learners who are also motivated by the Minecraft context, and benefit from visual supports, you may find our minecraft gift resource file in the ‘Extra Resources’ box on this page useful. It’s a 4 page document that can be printed out or displayed on a computer/whiteboard screen. Printed out, the sheets can be left whole, or cut up into individual prompts.

Print out and use as reference sheets, or cut into symbols and picture prompts

This resource will be helpful for those learning about the emotion words and triggers cog concepts and possibly body sensations too. The wipe clean component cards, or DIY cog cards would be useful to support such learning activities and conversations.

The resource could also support story board work at different levels, as in the video example, where symbols could be sorted and placed in the different columns, or the sheets used for reference to help with ideas.

Even if you don’t know much about Minecraft yourself, if you simply show these pages to somebody who does, you’ll probably find them to be very talkative which will give you some insights into their current emotion word knowledge and ability to infer causality to some of the potential triggers shown.


For example, you could ask…

“Are these good things or bad things that happen in Minecraft?”, then try to link good and bad things up to the emotion words.

“How does Steve feel when he sees a flying dragon?”

“How does finding diamonds make you feel?”

“What makes you excited / disappointed in Minecraft?”

If you wanted to link in to the Body Sensations cog you could also try conversations about how the different trigger events and emotions feel in their own body, or how they imagine it would feel in Steve’s body if he saw Herobrine etc.

(Nb – Steve is the main minecraft guy!)