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by Claire Murray, creator of the Emotion Works Programme and founder of Emotion Works CIC

It’s a real pleasure to connect with you all via this new Emotion Works platform which has been purpose built to help provide a trauma informed and relational approach to the transition of children back to school over the course of the recovery period.

At a time when the mental health & emotional wellbeing of children is becoming widely recognised as a crucially important aspect of learning and attainment, myself and the Emotion Works team are delighted to offer our 300+ existing schools complimentary access to this special ‘Recovery’ version of the Emotion Works programme.  We are also very excited to welcome all new customers to Emotion Works and look forward to engaging with you all as you become part of our supportive online community.


The Recovery Programme content is provided across 2 main sections

  • TRAINING & GUIDANCE SECTION: The overview page for this section can be reached by clicking on the main header in the Navigation Bar. There is an in-depth module that sets the scene for the programme, followed by 9 shorter modules covering the Component Model Curriculum and Cog trainings. Each training module then links up to a ‘Teaching Week’ which helps you share the programme with pupils.
  • WEEKLY TEACHING PROGRAMME: The overview page of this section can also be reached by clicking on the main header in the Navigation Bar. The teaching programme includes a ‘Getting to Know You’ /  settling in period followed by 10 teaching ‘weeks’ with content relating to each of the Emotion Works cogs and the 5-part, 6-part & 7-part models.
We have also now added a NEWSLETTER page on the website where you can follow progress on a week-by-week basis.
Finally, our new COMPETITION page is all set to gather and share the learning that has been taking place over the course of the programme.
Please note – our overview paged in the training and teaching sections, and the newsletter and competition pages are open for all to browse. However, only logged in members will be able to click through to the programme content.

In addition to the training & teaching support provided by the Recovery programme, we’re excited to see our online community growing. We love facilitating lots more learning, connecting, sharing and networking between Emotion Works practitioners and schools. The Recovery Programme is a unique experience for us all to participate in together.

Here’s how to join in and become part of the #EWcommunity

  • There are comment boxes on each of the training pages for your questions and feedback
  • Our members only Emotion Works Practitioners facebook page is an excellent forum for connecting with others also using Emotion Works during the recovery period – but please answer the membership questions to gain access otherwise we will have to decline your request
  • Our twitter page @emotionworksCIC will also likely be busy with recovery programme news and tweets over the coming months. If you tweet about the programme please tag us as @emotionworksCIC and using the #EWrecovery hashtag
  • Finally – our Cog Learning Competition is open for submissions until Friday 20th November 2020. We’re looking forward to seeing and sharing the wonderful work you’ve been doing and celebrating the winning entries from Monday 23rd November.

Good News Update - November 2021

I’m very proud to share the news that I recently won an award from Business Women Scotland for the success of Emotion Works as a social enterprise over the course of the pandemic and for the impact Emotion Works has had in schools across Scotland as a result of the Recovery Programme.

Celebrating this award is an opportunity for me to say a big thank you to my dedicated team for all their hard work and support during this time, and to all contractors who have worked with us to help make #EWrecovery happen.

But most importantly I’d like to send out a HUGE expression of thanks to all the schools taking part… to the Head Teachers who invested and trusted in us to develop and deliver on our promise, and to all of the Class Teachers and support staff on the front line sharing the programme with pupils. That’s where the impact actually happens and so this is a very well deserved award for all of us to share : )

#EWcommunity #EWimpact 


Non members – please feel free to click through to browse an overview of each section

Existing Emotion Works members – your usual email address and password will work to help you log-in to this site

Recovery Programme Members – your school ‘team lead’ can add staff emails on the dashboard of our main website by logging in here


The Recovery Programme is nearing completion so we are now working to incorporate it into our main membership service.

If you would like to purchase Emotion Works membership as part of a school or individual package, please redirect to our main website shop here.


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