Many thanks to all the schools who took part and for your ongoing interest in our work.

The Emotion Works Recovery Programme was developed in light of the unprecedented school closures of 2020 and early 2021. Drawing on our expertise in emotional education, the programme offered a stand-alone platform of training and teaching material to help schools take a trauma-responsive and relational approach to welcoming pupils back to school and helping them to process their experiences of lockdown and the pandemic.

The Recovery Programme content can now be found in the Members Area of our main website. 

We have been using Emotion Works to highlight to pupils how their bodies respond to certain emotions and strategies they can put in place when they feel their emotion cogs starting to turn. We have had really positive feedback from pupils and parents as pupils can verbalise how they are feeling and explain why.

Class teacher
St Patrick's Primary School

Through the delivery and use of the Recovery Programme Emotion Works is now fully embedded across our school. The children have really embraced and love this learning - where it’s linked to many different curricular areas. The pupils confidence continues to rise and their ability to talk about and manage their emotions continues to develop too. I teach in the LCSC within our school and using the resources to support the pupils is amazing. It provides a supportive structure, consistent approach and predictable language which we use to explore their emotions, behaviours and situations. To hear the children talking about their ‘cogs’ is amazing. It's having such a positive impact on their wellbeing.

ASN teacher
New Stevenston Primary School

Emotion Works has worked so well for our children. We had planned to bring it in this year already, but when we returned from the first lockdown it was evident that Emotion Works was exactly what our children needed. It’s not only given them the vocabulary to discuss complex emotions they have been feeling, but has helped them to talk with their peers when they’ve had a falling out (which was regularly when we first returned) and remedy the situation. I think the children have really appreciated their teachers taking the time to show a real interest in learning how they are feeling.

Class Teacher
Springfield Primary School

THE Recovery Programme CONTENT

IS Still available to emotion works members

The TEACHING resources from the Recovery Programme can now be found in the ‘EW Library’ 

The TRAINING pages are now part of the Getting Started Training modules in the members area of our main website.


An astonishing 150 new schools purchased our Recovery Programme during 2020/21, with many converting to a full membership at the end of the programme. 

The level of participation from new and existing members using the programme was so impressive that we held an end of programme competition to allow schools to showcase and celebrate their work.   

Take a look through our winners pages to see Emotion Works in practice. 


Following the first roll-out of the Recovery Programme after the 2020 lockdown, we were delighted to learn that our founder and Emotion Works Programme creator, Claire Murray won an award from Business Women Scotland for the success of Emotion Works as a social enterprise over the course of the pandemic and for the impact Emotion Works has had in schools across Scotland as a result of the Recovery Programme.

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All Emotion Works packages provide online training and resources to help schools, teachers and practitioners deliver our highly regarded and widely used emotional education programme. 

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OUR current trial package


Our current Trial Membership Package is the Emotion Works Literacy Programme, created to support schools to focus on both Literacy and Wellbeing outcomes during this important recovery year.  We will be running the Literacy Programme as our trial programme throughout the 2021-22 session, so you can join in and access the training and teaching resources at any point during the school year for a 6 month period.

The Literacy Programme content is also included with all of our Full Membership Packages.

Team Packages

If you are a school OR SERVICE

For schools and other staff teams, we offer a Trial Package for 6 months, or Full Packages ranging from 1 to 3 years with Basic, Premium and Platinum features.  

Hard Copy Resources are included in our Full Membership Packages, with the option of purchasing extra resources at any time.

All of our membership packages include access to a very supportive online community of schools, teachers and practitioners at different stages of the Emotion Works journey. 

We know you’re busy and we’re here to help. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team who can process your payment over the phone or answer any questions you have, please feel free to call us during office hours on 0131 669 1122, or email us with your telephone number and let us know a good time to call you.

Individual Packages

If you are an indivdual

For teachers and educators not connected to a school or team license who want to learn about and use Emotion Works in their own practice, we do offer an Individual Membership package. 

The Package includes access to all training and teaching resources on our website (including the Recovery Programme & Literacy Programme content), a hard copy Starter Resource Pack and Guidance Booklet, and access to our private facebook group for ongoing online support & networking.

interested in an Individual monthly package?

As a Community Interest Company, we’re always looking at ways to improve and be more accessible. One of the things we’re considering is providing a monthly Emotion Works subscription for individuals. If this is an option you’d be interested in, please let us know by completing the online form so we can gauge interest and keep you informed.