Emotion Works Practitioners Private Facebook Page

Did you know we have a private facebook page for sharing Emotion Works practice ideas and examples? Also for asking questions and getting advice from fellow teachers and Claire at Emotion Works too. It’s a members perk so please join us if you’d like to browse or contribute. If you have an individual or school […]

Starter Symbol Bank resource currently piloting

starter symbol pilot

Is it easier for your learners to understand the concepts of the Emotion Works cogs and the links between them using symbol supports? We’re very happy to be working with Lynburn Primary in Fife to pilot the idea of offering a ready made symbol resource where 12 laminated symbols relating to each of the first […]

Excellent practice example documented and shared

We were so impressed by Fiona Berrow’s assembly example at our latest mainstream teacher’s practice feedback session, we decided to go back and visit her at school to document the process of learning and teaching she carried out with her P5/6 Class on the lead up to their fantastic assembly delivery. Fiona is the P5/6 […]